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Your Time is Valuable-

Count on us for fast and dependable service.

Rest assured, your home will be taken care of and protected against many breakdowns of the appliances and
systems that you rely on everyday. We have unmatched customer service to ensure that everything runs
smoothly and gets repaired in a timely and professional manner.

Choose from our three plans…STANDARD — ENHANCED — LUXURY

or customize one based on your specific needs.


Your experience with RL Home Warranties will exceed your expectations.

Your new home will be covered for one full year against breakdowns of major systems including air conditioning, heating, plumbing and kitchen appliances. If a covered item breaks, we will repair or replace it. All you pay is one low service fee. Feel confident with your home purchase knowing that it has a comprehensive warranty program.

NO FAULT COVERAGE Protects You From Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions!

With the NO FAULT COVERAGE, all unknown pre-existing conditions are covered, such as:

  •  Rust and Corrosion
  •  Lack of Maintenance
  •  Improper Installation and Repairs
  •  Mismatched Equipment

To qualify for the NO FAULT COVERAGE, please obtain a home inspection from a State Certified Inspector, or a OneGuard Mechanical Inspector. If neither have been performed, then unknown pre-existing conditions will only be covered to the extent that the defects would not have been detected by a home inspection or a mechanical inspection.

underwritten and serviced by:
an independent home warranty company

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Start Seeing the Difference
in Your RL Home Warranty —

• Arizona’s Premier Local
Home Warranty Company

The Most Comprehensive Coverage in Arizona!*
We cover all major home systems
and appliances plus:

– A/C & Heating Maintenance Tune-ups
– Sprinkler System & Timer
– Termite Control Coverage
– Pest Control
– Re-Key Service (up to 6 key holes)
– Preferred Upgrade Option

No Band-aid Repairs
If we can’t fix it, it’s replaced… No Band-aids
Arizona’s Fastest Service Response Time
Our average response time is only 1 business day

* See the warranty contract for
specific coverage, limitations,
and exclusions

A/C Tune-up Includes —

•Test Thermostat
Temperature Split
•Check Refrigerant Levels
•Clean Contactors
•Clean Condensor Coils

•Inspect Condensate Lines
•Perform Amp Draw on
motors and compressor
•Clean and Test
Electrical Connections
•Test Capacitors
•Test Heat Operations

The Preferred Upgrade Includes—

• A/C: Refrigerant
recapture and disposal
• A/C & Heating System:
registers, grills, heat lamps
• Plumbing: Whirlpool
bath motors, instant hot
water dispensers, pressure
regulators, hose bibs, and
toilets (like quality)
• Water Heater: problems
caused by sediment
• Dishwasher: racks,
baskets, rollers
• Microwave: interior lining,
door glass, shelves
• Oven: racks rotisseries,
handles, knobs, dials,
interior lining
• Smoke Detectors: battery
and hardwired units

• Code Violations:
corrected up to $250
• Haul Away: Costs related
to the removal of covered
items in conjunction
with the replacement of
a system, appliance, or
• HVAC Modifications
Coverage: When replacement
of a heating or
air conditioning system
is necessary, we will
pay costs if required to
modify or upgrade duct
connections, plenum,
roof jacks, and indoor
electrical lines up to and
including the disconnect
to maintain compatibility
with the new equipment.

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